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'All foundations rest upon the earth-the universal ground for all we do. 

To connect with the earth, to be grounded in the biological reality of existence.

Our bodies are the home of our spirit ' Anodea Judith


Yoga an ancient tradition for the now 

What is it you wish to get from your yoga? Do you want it to serve you like any other exercise system? Or to offer your something new?

What we practice as yoga currently and prominently in the west is only a segment of a segment of what yoga wholly is. It is logical that we primeraly grasp familiarity and awareness through the body. However, it is important to note that yoga is more than an exercise system to strengthen muscles or release joints.

Yoga is an opportunity to re-address anything we wish to. A chance to be our own guru. As we learn through our bodies we start to discover things for ourselves. 'It is possible to have a different attitude in which a new intelligence, not imposed by authority but, inspired from interest, attention and sensitivity, will emerge and in which body and mind, fused in one single action are collaborating together' Vanda Scaravelli

First founded by the ancients before dissection and modern anatomy and in hand with the Hindi believe system Raja yoga offered a way through meditaion, breath, self observation and right doing as well as movement to connect with our higher potential that is inseparable from the greater universe.