Workshops and Retreats


Workshops and retreats

A time to indulge. Committing to a days workshop or the beauty of a yoga retreat allows you to sink more deeply into the experience of self nurture through yoga. 

Workshops give us the time and space to go very deeply into a particular theme. The work often benefits the participants for a noticeably sustained period following the workshop. Spending a longer and more intense session dedicated to yoga also boosts the progress of ones yoga understanding. 

To retreat, to get away, to go within. Submerged in yoga amongst beautiful surroundings. Retreats are an opportunity to detached from the everyday and enjoy yoga without familiar distractions. The ultimate holiday; recuperating on all levels. Retreats are always held with the participants absolute sanctuary in mind.  The location, venue, catering are all considered to add to the overall experience

Workshops and retreat opportunities will be updated on this page.