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Thai Yoga Massage



Naud Bo-Rarn

With its roots in Northern India at the time of Guatam Buddha, Thai Yoga massage is a tactile therapeutic system combining traditions from India and South East Asia. Previously practiced in Buddhist temples and often referred to as the "Living art of loving kindness'. The compassionate nature of Thai massage is sacrosanct with the wellbeing of the receiver at its centre. Though much of Siamese history has been destroyed by invaders the healing properties of Thai yoga massage were known to be written in sacred Pali text and kept alongside Buddhist texts.

"Nuad Bo-Rarn is the tradition from Northern Thailand founded by Dr Shivago Komapaj. Nuad Bo-Ran follows the course of Sen energy lines, these are similar but, not the same as Chinese meridian lines, assisted yoga type movement, rotations through the joints and pressure on specific points of the Sen lines using palms, fingers, elbows and feet.

I trained at the ITM School of Massage in Chaing May Northern Thailand. The practitioner follows a path of increasing intuition and knowledge therefore the understanding is ongoing; continually informed with each massage and further exploration of the Thai traditions. I stay close to the authenticity of traditional Thai massage while enriching it with my experience as a yoga teacher.

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