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Testimonials and Gallery


Testimonals and Gallery 

Those things that speak for themselves 



'What I love is Penelope's ability to deeply respect the work and still keep it fun' Chrissie (Alexander technique practitioner, yoga teacher and former student)

'I have never come across a teacher/therapist with such a deep intuitive understanding of what is going on with my body. Having had a lot of injuries I tend to shy away from adjustments in a class but, Penelope's are always relevant. Brighton's yoga loss is London's gain.' Charlotte Ostick- Student

'Penelope is a great yoga teacher. She has an excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the body and really grasps the inner and outer working of it. Sometimes her words are almost like poetry. This strong knowledge of the body fussed with a wonderful way with words puts you into a deep relaxing space allowing the body to open up. I would recommend her class to people who are interested in going into yoga of the physical body in a deep yet gentle way' Nichola Gregson- yoga practitioner, student and teacher.

'Penelope. Really glad enjoyed the workshop. I was certainly blown away by the quality and precision of your teaching' Erika Shapiro- Yoga teacher and owner of Yogiyoga Studio, London

'I first met Penelope when my daughters signed up to her yoga class at their school. I was interested in exploring yoga for myself as my only experience had been pregnancy yoga so, I started to attend one of her classes. I was hooked from the start. What I love about Penelope's teaching is the care she takes to help you move into a position. It is about the journey as much as the final pose! Sometimes I was worried that I couldn't to do something but, she is very empowering and encouraging. My classes with Penelope started what I know will be a life-long yoga practice.' Wendy Gaukwin Student

Thai Massage

'Penelope came to my home and gave me a very good yoga style massage. I felt relaxed in her hands and she helped me release tight muscles that I couldn't get to on my own'   Emma Lynton-Stanford, Client

'I felt utterly blissed out after my massage at home with Penelope. She works intuitively and applied just the right amount of strength and pressure.My body is thankfully pretty strong and flexible, but her technique really reached the places that needed attention. Her approach was calming and beautifully thorough. Highly recommended.' Diane Leak...(Pilates Instructor)

'Penelope's massage was a wonderful, calming experience. I felt relaxed but, rejuvenated . Highly recommended' Dan, Client

Children's Yoga

'Penny's classes are great. She really understands how kids learn and made the classes really enjoyable. I enjoyed the Stories she created to help us move. I was bought private sessions with my Nan for Christmas and these were fab. Penelope very skilfully adapted the moves for both me and my Nan. I thoroughly recommend Penny as a yoga teacher, whatever your age' Poppy age 12