One to One Yoga 

Yoga Classes 

Children's Yoga

Personal Practice Mentoring

Thai Yoga Massage 



Group Classes

Varied cost 

Structured yoga classes held for multiple students. Offering the social aspect and support of practicing with others. These classes run with a theme to be explored and take the student through a selection of different yoga poses. Less individual attention but, a more affordable and companionable way to practice yoga. Please see timetable for available classes and venues 


One to One Teaching

from £55

An individually tailored hour offering yoga that is specific to you. Scarevelli Inspired yoga is particularly suited to one to one guidance. This way of learning can be preferential for those who for their own reasons do not feel comfortable in a group setting, to move your practice forward or to clarify finer details that may not be immediately obvious in a busy class setting. One to one yoga offers a more independent and personal relationship to your yoga discoveries. 


Home Practice Mentoring

60 mins
from £20

One of the mile stone of a yoga journey is the calling to practice regularly, alone in your own private space and without the immediate guidance of a teacher There is a tipping point where the body's desire for yoga will carry the practice forward and compel a person to practice alone.

There are however the odd blocks on the way to a fluid self practice routine. Transporting ourselves away from the daily dross or old habits into a more supportive place of a regular yoga routine needs at times a little hands on encouragement from a teacher. 

It does help to be shown ideas or insights as well as share personal concerns and questions regarding a home practice. This aid can be offered as a chat online or over the phone as well as a one to one session

Classes for children vary from ages from 3 years to 18.  Appropriate yoga movement inline with the children's age and consequent development is offered. Yoga is made fun by story telling, song and games. Older children are encourage to develop their personal attributes in a sensitive way through more structures movement sequences and often with music.


Children's Yoga 

Cost by arrangement


Thai Yoga Massage


1hr General Massage 


This massage is suitable for the first time I meet you. It includes an overall body massage starting at the feet, legs and hips. it is a rejuvenating and relaxing massage but, gives me the opportunity to map your body and make notes regarding your more specific requirements 


1hr Tailored Massage

60 mins

Once I have met a client and experienced a massage with them we can work together to focus on specific concerns, discomfort or restriction in movement that the receiver maybe  experiencing. This massage will use more pressure on the Sen line and sequences that have been developed to directly address precise issues. 


1.5hr Massage 


Traditionally Thai Yoga Massage is performed within a longer time slot 1.5 to 2.5 hours. This allows the receiver to enjoy a general massage that will stimulate the whole body and extra time to spend focusing on therapeutic treatment for recognised conditions or parts of the body that would benefit from extra attention.