'Is there anything more attractive in life than making the impossible possible?' Vanda Scaravelli, Awakening the Spine


About Myself,

Vanda and Scaravelli Inspired Yoga.

The Spine








I am living in London practicing and offering yoga guidance influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli.

First introduced to yoga by my aunt as a teenager I was encouraged to join her in morning sun salutations. Since then the course that has lead to the yoga I practice today was initially varied.

In 2001 I discovered Scaravelli Inspired yoga. A way of appreciating movement with in the context of traditional yoga shapes that spoke to my body, held my interest and brought my search inward. The teachers I met were so nurturing and consistent with their knowledge that I knew teaching in honour of Vanda Scaravelli's ideas was inevitable for me.

Scaravelli Inspired yoga offers a considerate approach exposing the body's innate ability and natural connections alongside its response to gravity and the breath; there is a kindness in the effort required to liberate ourselves from conditioned external movement. 

Now in my forties I have over 8 years of teaching behind me and a clear tradition that I follow. Having studied with many principle Scavarelli Inspired mentors I have developed a supportive and inclusive disposition. I believe in an inevitable effort to effect what we want but, practice in contradiction to 'no pain no gain' culture. I am totally committed to sharing the joy of yoga through my understanding of what the body can experience

Vanda and Scaravelli Inspired Yoga 

Vanda Scaravelli was an Italian born musician who came to yoga in her 40's. Initially a student of Iyengar and Desichaychar. Vanda was eventually left to her own devices and discovered three under pinning principles; breath, gravity and what she termed as the wave. 

Vanda never wished for her yoga to become a labelled system but, simply an invitation for individual to understand their own natural patterns within the body, accessing a personal independence and joy at the deepest level available.

From what I have read and gathered Vanda's music and aesthetics influenced her percipience of yoga. She understood the body as a thing of beauty to be recognised as a whole instrument to be played in order to find its absolute potential and liberty



The Spine 

Inseperable from our experience of yoga is the spine. This is a tensegrity model of the spine from Instead of the traditional 'Stack model' tensegrity shows a truer version of the spine. Here rigid and semirigid segment are held up in space by tensioned flexible segments. These revelations allow for more intrinsic movement in different directions which is coherent with Vanda Scaravelli's personal discoveries.


If I have  done dog once, I have done it one thousand times. The clue is in the title 'practice' and that is exactly what is needed.

It is important to do this somehow without the asanas (shapes) becoming a mechanical habit. In my experience the poses and movement are never the same twice. 

If we bring our absolute attention to the practice using our breath and awareness to investigate the shapes we are making, picking up on ever nuance and exploring them until a recognisable end. Then our practice will offer us something new and revealing every time we visit it. 


Space and Time...

Meditation a holiday for the mind.

In this modern and stimulating age I will not promise you enlightenment through meditation but, will encourage you to take 15 minutes without distraction, noise and smart technology. It is in rest and peace that we are offered moments of clarity, creativity and solutions. 

"a relaxed mind is a creative mind' Constantin Stanislavski